Nia Jax Attacks Ronda Rousey!

Nia Jax can’t seem to give Ronda Rousey a break! In a recent interview with Busted Open Radio, Nia Jax stated that Ronda should show respect in the locker room, almost giving her a tutorial in locker room ethics. Here is the story!

Alienating Ronda Again

Jax made some statements during her interview with Busted Open Radio, which certainly seems like she is alienating Rousey once again. Jax rattled off what looked like a tutorial of locker room ethics, but solely directed at Ronda.

“Respect is number one in this business. You definitely have to walk into the door with a lot of respect: a lot of eye contact, a lot of handshakes, introducing yourself.”

“We are a very tight-knit family at WWE. We are protective of our family. When an outsider comes in, you want to make sure the outsider is worthy to step into the family.”

Not All Bad?

Based on the statement, it is almost like Nia Jax is trying to make Ronda think that Jax and the other women in the locker room are better than the former UFC champion and that she’s not worthy of being there. While it is not uncommon for women to be apprehensive of new female wrestlers, the flak Ronda is getting over the past couple of weeks certainly beats most of the alleged hazing, and harsh treatment other newbies had to take.

After her tutorial on locker room ethics, Nia Jax seemed to do a U-turn on Ronda Rousey, trying to appear respectful to the new addition on the roster. Here are some of the statements she made after her locker room ethics lesson.

“she’s so talented and has so many things to bring to us. It’s literally going to expand the women’s division and people don’t realize how much she’s going to bring to us and how far it’s going to take us. I personally am very excited for her to come. She’s willing to put in the hard work.”

Despite the U-turn at the end, there is undoubtedly some underlying aggro and tension there. I just hope Nia can get a hold of it before she damages her career.


I have lost a lot of respect for Jax, even though she was one of my favorites for a long time. There is so much nastiness going on in her tweets and her recent interviews, which all seem to be directed at Rousey.

Look, I understand how frustrating it must be to work your behind off, only to play second fiddle to a new arrival during a massive pay-per-view. I get it, but that does not mean it is Ronda’s fault. The aggro should be directed at the WWE creative team, not Rousey. Ronda has proven her worth in professional sports, so why not let her elevate the entire roster with her fame?

Anyway, I hope this was the last bit of hate from Nia. Honestly, as she said so herself, wrestling is about respect, but to get respect, you must give it too!

What do you think about the doubtful statements made by Nia? Was this unintentional? Or is there something more playing in the background?