Hulk Hogan is persona non grata in WWE. And for a good reason. After a leaked video showed the Hulkster dropping racial slurs, WWE quickly dropped the wrestling icon from all their programming and promotional materials. While many in and out of the company have stated their desire to have Hogan return, the company has said numerous times that their policy hasn’t changed. For the foreseeable future, Hogan will not be seen or mentioned on WWE television. With the climate towards offensive language heating up by the day, I don’t expect that change. While some fans are ready to forgive, there is a group that is loud and angry at Hogan’s words, and they are perhaps justified in their anger.

WWE is a global company continually working on cleaning their less-than-stellar public image. Allowing a star with a visible racist past back into the company would set off a wave of bad press that WWE just doesn’t tolerant any longer.

That being said, there is an avenue for the Hulkster to return eventually. Mark Henry, when asked by TMZ cameras, gave a simple response when asked what needed to happen for Hogan to return into the WWE fold:

“Hulk has to apologize, again, but this time to all the existing black talent currently wrestling for the organization.”

Words Can Hurt

Some might think it unnecessary, but Henry laid out a path. A lot of us don’t understand the power of that offensive word because we’ve never been in a position where it has been used to put us down or make us feel like second-class citizens. When someone’s feelings are genuinely hurt, I try to take them at their word. Especially when it comes to race. We’ve come a long way as a country, but there’s still more to go. Hulk Hogan showing genuine contrition, sorrow, and empathy for the harm his words cause could go a long way to get him back into the WWE.

Will Hulk Hogan do this? I am not sure. He does seem sincerely sorry for what he said. But is that enough? Share your thoughts in the comments below.