Jason Jordan Undergoes Neck Surgery – Will Miss Wrestlemania

According to several media channels, Jason Jordan has been struggling with an injury for over a month; this would certainly explain why Jordan was kept out of the Rumble match the way he was. While nothing has been confirmed by the WWE officially, many people believe the injury is the real reason why Jordan and Rollins had to drop the titles to the Bar.

Now it seems that the injury isn’t really to his back, but to his neck.

His wife tried to dispel some of the “fake news.”


And WWE officially announced that Jordan underwent neck surgery.

Jordan’s neck injury indeed comes at a wrong time, especially since he has been struggling to find that connection with the WWE Universe.

Adding insult to injury, Jordan is now officially out of Wrestlemania.

I like to refer to Jason Jordan as the “Apollo Crews Syndrome”. As soon as he came out to the ring, people instantly disliked him on the main roster.

Despite being one of the more popular NXT tag teams with his partner Chad Gable, both wrestlers have struggled to find the connection with the WWE crowd. Turning Jordan heel was undoubtedly a right move, but I don’t see the point in putting him in a tag team with Seth Rollins. Seth is dynamite right now and considered among the most popular WWE Superstars. I would give Rollins an individual run, and put Jordan on the roster as a unique heel.

I have respect for Jason Jordan and his ability, so it is a shame that things have turned out like this on the main roster. To be honest, much of his bad rep has come from the lame storyline with Kurt Angle, claiming him as his illegitimate son. Still, I hope they turn Jordan into a full heel and allow him to show the crowd the skill and the charisma that he does possess.

Can Jordan make a comeback? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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