Flashback: The Rock And Mankind Wrestled On A Super Bowl Halftime Show!

This year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show will be headlined by Justin Timberlake. For some fans, it is the biggest part of the The Big Game. There’s a lot of debate about which halftime spectacle was the best. Personally, I really like Bruno Mars and Paul McCartney. But if you’re a hardcore wrestling fan, then there is only one answer. The Empty Arena match between Mick Foley and The Rock aka “Halftime Heat” at the midpoint of Super Bowl XXXIII.

Here’s WWE.com‘s description:

Anything and everything came into play. No bag of cotton candy, popcorn or loaf of bread was safe during this hardcore battle throughout the barren arena. The WWE Title contest eventually made it out to the arena’s loading dock. After incapacitating The Great One with the Mandible Claw, The Hardcore Legend commandeered a forklift and lowered a palette of kegs onto his foe’s chest, pinning him and winning the WWE Title.

Watch the monumental empty arena match here:

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