Five NXT Stars Coming To WWE After Wrestlemania

It is believed that the WWE will take a new direction after WrestleMania, with part-timers no longer playing a big role in the company. With this change, the WWE needs an influx of more interesting talent from NXT, making many believe that an upgrade for many NXT stars is imminent.

Curious which NXT stars are likely to get that upgrade? Discover our predictions below!

1. Andrade Cien Almas

One of the first people I would expect to get that upgrade after Wrestlemania is Andrade Cien Almas. I have to admit, Cien Almas was not on my radar for a long time, because his character did not stand out at all for me. However, with the arrival of his “business associate” Zelina Vega, he has become a lot more interesting and charismatic. So, if he does receive the upgrade, I hope Zelina Vega will be going to the main roster too.

2. Ember Moon

kairi sane nxt women's championship

Ember has been one of my favorite people on the NXT roster. She has everything a main roster superstar needs. She has the charisma, skill, and just that little something extra we all look for in a successful WWE superstar.

Moon’s rivalry with Asuka was one of the most exhilarating rivalries in NXT. Many people believed she would take the title from Asuka, but the Empress of Tomorrow remained undefeated until she relinquished the title voluntarily. I am sure their rivalry is not over, so I look forward to seeing the fight continue between Asuka and Ember on the main roster.

3. Johnny Gargano

Johnny Gargano – better known as Johnny Wrestling – is a definite fan favorite on the NXT roster. Being beloved among wrestling fans, the WWE is likely to pick Johnny Gargano for the main roster.

Of course, like some of the other recent upgrades from NXT, Gargano’s transition might not be that easy. If the WWE takes the same approach as they did with other superstars, it is likely he will get lost in the mix. If he is put on SmackDown without a roster re-balance, I have a bad feeling about this man’s main roster upgrade. If they do get Johnny to SmackDown, I hope they handle it well.

4. Authors of Pain

There is certainly room for powerful tag teams on the main roster, especially on the Raw brand. While there are interesting tag teams on there already, the Authors of Pain could certainly make things more interesting.

5. Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre

Despite being injured, Drew McIntyre has been one of the most polarizing wrestlers on the NXT brand. He is expected to get a call-up after WrestleMania, providing his injury does not prevent him from making the transfer from NXT to the main roster. With tons of experience under his belt and a hard worker’s ethic, McIntyre will be a great addition to the main roster for a second go-around.

Which NXT stars would you like to see on the main roster? Be sure to let us know in the comment section below.