Fans Create Hilarious Strowman Memes After Raw Segment!

I thoroughly enjoyed Raw on February 12th, and it had certainly something to do with the Raw segment involving Braun Strowman and Elias Samson. Celebrating some of Raw’s finest creative work, fans created countless hilarious memes involving Strowman.

Missed the segment? Check out the segment and the memes below!

Braun Strowman “Plays” Bass

Elias Samson is known for his “musical abilities” in the ring, but Braun gave the musical genius a taste of his own medicine. Coming out to the ring with a giant bass, Braun Strowman had a song of his own. It had many people in fits, including myself.

“Well, Elias says he’s gonna win, but we all know that ain’t true. you look at me boy when i’m singing, cuz i’m not finished with you.”

“you may not know it, you may not realize, but when this song is over, your going to get these hands”.

Strowman would continue to make his way to the ring, leading to an epic battle; this included a monster slap, running power slam, and Elias being hit with the bass. Good times…

Impressed Fans

WWE fans certainly thought the segment was memorable too, providing us with some hilarious memes. Here are some of the ones I personally found hilarious.

What Makes These Segments Great?

Braun Strowman took some lessons from Kurt Angle’s Hall of Fame speech it would seem. Angle stated that it is important not to take yourself too seriously, and this is exactly what Braun has done. He is not afraid to make his character do something that does not immediately align with his persona, and this is what makes these segments to incredibly hilarious.

Of course, there are other reasons why Braun Strowman is so popular at the moment. Despite starting as a heel, he’s always given the crowd what they want when it comes to matches. Now a tween, Strowman never disappoints, whether it is by putting someone through a table, hitting Elias with a bass, or simply flipping a truck.

Needless to say, once Braun gets his hands on the title, I do not see him losing it anytime soon. His character reminds me somewhat of Stone Cold Steve Austin, the pissed off guy who did not let management dictate what he should and should not do. He was also quite rough with other wrestlers, including Booker T during the shopping segment, which is still one of my favorite all-time wrestling moments.

While Strowman has a character he created in his own right, sometimes I do see some of the Stone Cold moments I treasure so much. I can only imagine how Braun is going to grow his character in the future! So, we can never miss Raw again when Strowman is on it!

Did you love the Braun Strowman segment? And would you like to see him with the title? Let us know in the comment section below!