Dolph Ziggler’s Lack Of Character Highlight Major Problems With Smackdown

The latest character change of Dolph Ziggler is not impressing anyone, at least according to a recent article published in Forbes. I’m not a fan of the Dolph Ziggler character change either, but I’m surprised that many fans find the gimmick annoying too. Here is the story!

From Fan Favorite to Hated Troll

Believe it or not, Ziggler was a fan favorite many years ago. Unfortunately, the many character changes, including his most recent one, has left fans wondering why they should even tune in for SmackDown Live.

Ziggler’s current character is based on trolling the audience, claiming he is too good for gimmicks. While the idea is not a bad one, the execution seems to be far from perfect.

Despite the trolling character, he did win the US title, only to leave it in the ring and “quit” WWE. At the time, many thought Ziggler would retire. However, there are reports that Ziggler has now signed a “veteran deal” with the WWE. But his return was WWE fans confused.

Turning Back to Face (The Good Guy)

Ziggler left as a heel (bad guy) and return as a face (good guy), continuing to troll fans. To say my blood pressure is going up each time I see the man is an understatement because I do not get this character development at all. What was the point of annoying us for weeks with wrestler impersonations and his surprise Royal Rumble entry? He turned back to his former character without any explanation. Oh dear… I just have no words for it.

SmackDown Live Continues to Suffer

Ziggler’s poor gimmick, as well as the rest of an ailing roster, seems to pull down overall viewership for SmackDown Live. Even I have to admit that I have little interest in watching SmackDown anymore. If it weren’t for Bobby Roode and AJ Styles, I would have tuned out ages ago.

Recent numbers for SmackDown Live indicated an all-time low for the brand. Last week’s numbers dropped to the lowest number of 2018, pulling only 2.505 million viewers. While you may argue that more than 2 million viewers are decent for any show, there seems to be a stark contrast with the numbers the brand used to hit.


Dolph Ziggler

There is a reason why I mention Ziggler’s trolling persona and failing SmackDown Live numbers in the same article. I believe that Ziggler represents everything that is wrong with the SmackDown brand. I am not talking about his wrestling ability, but more about the cacophony of unfinished storylines, gimmicks, and wrestlers who do not know what to do with themselves.

In conclusion, I believe that the SmackDown brand is in dire need of some guidance, especially on a creative level. Yes, some serious talent was taken from the brand since the last draft, but there is good talent to work with. Someone take control of the creative aspect of SmackDown Live before it is too late! Give us a story we care about!

What is your opinion of the latest character change of Dolph Ziggler? Do you think turning him face so abruptly was a good choice? Or do you believe that Ziggler’s changing persona is reflecting on the state of the SmackDown brand? Let me know in the comment section below!