Despite rumors about Dolph Ziggler retiring soon, the Z-Man is in-fact staying in WWE. It also appears that the wrestler has received a terrific deal, making him postpone his retirement. Here is the full story.

A Deal Wrestlers Dream Of

Even though Dolph has not been a standout on the roster over the past couple of years, and despite a title reign that was far from impressive, the WWE gave Dolph Ziggler a deal that can only be described as a “veteran deal.”

When I talk about “veteran deal,” I mean a deal that is usually reserved for people who have proven their worth to the company. Wrestlers so valuable they could get away with part-time appearances. Dolph has now landed such a deal as well, permitting him to keep wrestling on his terms.

The terms of his contract involve quite some perks. Firstly, Ziggler will be permitted to leave the arena immediately after his match; this means he does not have to stick around like most wrestlers. Another wrestler that has this particular perk is Brock Lesnar, who also receives special treatment from the WWE.

In addition to being able to leave the arena immediately, the WWE also agreed with Ziggler that he is free to pursue other projects. There is one prevision though; the projects cannot interfere with his scheduled wrestling matches.

My Take on Ziggler’s New Contract

I am not the biggest Dolph Ziggler fan and that I’ve never been fond of him. Not only do I find Ziggler annoying on a personal level, but he has also been far from impressive in recent wrestling memory. Don’t get me wrong, Ziggler is an athlete, and he does have a fan base of its own that has remained quite loyal, so my dislike for the man does not matter whatsoever.

Even though I have a natural dislike for Dolph Ziggler, I have other more “neutral” issues with him getting this contract. One of my biggest problems is that the WWE is littered with part-timers with a similar “veteran” deal. While I have no serious problems with some of them, such as John Cena who is putting in the work and can keep us interested on a part-time basis, I do have issues with the likes of Brock Lesnar.

The problem with a part-timer is that they should have a willingness to keep themselves in good shape and keep on working their character. If you look at Lesnar, it went all out the window as soon as he got that sweet deal for himself. I predict similar things for Ziggler, who might have proven himself in the past, but he has been treading water in the WWE lately. He is not a unique attraction at this point, so why give him the “veteran deal”? At least, that’s just my take on it.

What is your take on the “veteran deal”? Do you think differently about it? Let me know in the comment section below!