Do You Believe The Earth Is Flat? This Indie Superstar Does

Flip Gordon, an independent wrestler with Ring of Honor and an active-duty member of the National Guard, recently posted several tweets that led some people to believe he’s a flat-Earther.

The brouhaha all started when Gordon tweeted that the recent SpaceX launch of a Tesla sports car into space was “fake.”

Of course, just because Gordon thinks the Tesla launch was fake doesn’t necessarily mean he thinks the Earth is flat. But wrestler Dan Barry asked him just that – and chaos ensued.

Barry then proceeded to debate Gordon about why the Earth is, in fact, not flat.

Frustrated, Barry even encouraged Gordon to use the GI Bill to educate himself on the roundness of the Earth.

Oh man. I’m not familiar with Gordon so I don’t know if this whole exchange was in character or not. Maybe he’s starting a new gimmick as a government conspiracy theorist and this was his jumping off point. If not, he should consider starting a new gimmick as a government conspiracy theorist to help take some heat off himself for actually believing the Earth is flat.

But if Gordon does indeed prescribe to the flat Earth theory, he might not be the only wrestler who does. Strangely, former WWE Women’s Champion Layla recently posted a graphic on Instagram polling her followers on whether they believe the Earth is round or flat.

Seems like a strange thing to post if you aren’t at least open to the idea that the Earth could be anything but round.

What do you think? Was Flip Gordon in character here or is he actually a flat-Earther? Do you think the Earth is flat? Share your thoughts and comments below!