Cody Rhodes Reveals Vince “Doesn’t Hold Anybody Back”

“Oh yea, Vince must hate him.” How many times have you heard it or said it? Every Raw, Smackdown or PPV, you can see it pop up on social media over and over again. A wrestler is seemingly popular and the crowd loves them, but they aren’t a champion or aren’t involved in a major storyline. The reason? Well, obviously it is just because Vince can’t stand them. Vince hates the fans and the wrestlers REAL fans like, don’t you know? Yes. A lot of people seem to believe that a man who has re-invented and revolutionized professional wrestling primarily acts in ways that antagonize his audience. That’s how he’s become a billionaire, clearly.

Well, as silly as that all sounds, it taken for granted by many fans and even some wrestlers, most of whom left WWE on less than amiable terms. But is that actually the reality. Does Vince actually stop people he doesn’t like from getting popular? Or is the explanation one we ignore because it would mean thinking our heroes less than perfect.

Former WWE and current indie megastar Cody Rhodes weighed in on the question of Vince holding back stars. It busts the narrative wide open.

I agree with this sentiment. WWE gives athletes every opportunity to make the most of themselves. It is written on the WWE Performance Center

“You Aren’t Here To Fill A Spot. You’re Here To Take A Spot.” 

WWE is always about the next big star. You have to work hard to keep your spot, or someone will take it from you. Cody Rhodes got lazy and Vince moved on to someone who wanted it. Simple as that.

Cody Rhodes has been transparent on how he felt about leaving WWE. He admits he became complacent and didn’t have a passion for wrestling anymore. Going out on the indies helped me re-ignite this.

I expect Rhodes to be back in WWE in the near future. He’s re-tooled himself and has what it takes to be a top-level performer in WWE once again.

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