Bobby Lashley Is Returning To WWE!

Bobby Lashley, the former WWE United States, and ECW Champion is returning to WWE after a decade-long absence from the company. Since his release in 2008, Lashley has pursued an MMA career and wrestled for TNA/Impact where (at one time literally) he held every belt and had a Goldbergesque streak.

Lashley is 41 but sure doesn’t look it.  He’s in incredible shape and can still wrestle with the top guys.

He’ll be a welcome addition to WWE. I don’t expect him to work every show (he didn’t for Impact), but he’ll be a big draw, especially against his rumored competitor, Brock Lesnar.

Lashley arrived in WWE when they were desperate for a new star. John Cena was on the rise, but it is always good to have a back-up. Lashley was in the water-downed ECW and had a US title run and pursued the WWE title for over a year before leaving WWE due to injuries.

Who Should Lashley Face? (Besides Lesnar)

The Observer already revealed Lashley’s probable first feud would be against Brock Lesnar following Wrestlemania. But presuming that Lashley isn’t a one and done, who else should the undefeated Bellator star and freak of nature face?

Shane McMahon

Perhaps Lashley’s most infamous feud was against Vince McMahon. It even involved Donald Trump and a match at Wrestlemania. Shane still likes to get murdered, so why not have Lashley get some revenge for ELEVATED LIVER ENZYMES?

Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens is excellent in every feud. He’s excellent at needling and making fun of people. I imagine he’d have a lot to say to Big Bobby.

John Cena

Lashley was meant to replace Cena. That didn’t turn out. Cena is always good at having promo-battles with those who were expected to take his spot.


Batista has said multiple times that he wants to return to WWE one last time for a full-time schedule. That seems unlikely, but having him come back for a feud against Lashley in the “Battle of the Former Top Guys” could be something special for fans older and younger!

Who do you want Lashley to wrestler? Share your thoughts.