Aiden English Writes Amazing Tribute To Late Father-in-Law Eddie Guerrero

Smackdown Star and singing sensation Aiden English has a deep and personal connection to WWE and the wrestling world. He is married to Shaul Guerrero, the daughter of the late and very great Eddie Guerrero. Even though English never met his father-in-law, he still feels the love and affection of the Hall of Fame wrestler and WWE champion.

English took to Instagram to post a beautiful tribute to his father-in-law. Beyond just words, this touches on what Guerrero means to English and his family, and the legacy he will continue.

English visited El Paso, Texas while on tour in WWE. El Paso is the home to the Guerrero family and myself. There is a mural in the town commemorating the wrestling legend, and several wrestlers make a pilgrimage to it when they visit the Sun City.

Read the beautiful tribute below.

Try and keep the tears back. What a lovely tribute. Share your Eddie memories in the comments below.