What Is Jason Jordan’s Character Anyway?

I hope you all like Jason Jordan because it appears that, at least for the time being, he isn’t going anywhere.

Back in December, yours truly wrote about how Jordan would be the perfect foil for Roman Reigns, another wrestler who seems to be perennially hated by fans. But then Jordan went on to win the Raw Tag Team Championship alongside Seth Rollins, and on last night’s episode of Raw he even teamed up with Reigns and Rollins to take on the newly christened Balor Club.

But, as it was made very clear, just because he teamed with them doesn’t mean Jordan is on the same page as Reigns and Rollins.

The Overeager and Entitled Daddy’s Boy

The best way I can think to describe Jason Jordan is that he’s like an annoying little brother who’s overeager to prove himself to his big brother, father, and any and everyone else. That much was made clear when it was first revealed that Kurt Angle is Jordan’s “father,” and now the trend is continuing with his tag team partner, Rollins, filling in the role of the reluctant older brother.

Rollins is attempting to take Jordan under his wing and show him the ropes, but Jordan is trying to do too much. At one point last night, Rollins even apologized to Reigns for Jordan’s behavior.

But the exciting caveat with Jordan is that he can back up his braggadocious attitude – he’s a phenomenal wrestler. But because he acts like an entitled daddy’s boy who wants to be the center of attention in everything that tangentially involves him, he tends to get boxed out. Which is precisely what happened last night during his match with Reigns and Rollins against Balor Club.

And that match wasn’t even the only competition Jordan was left out of last night. After Bayley’s partner in the Mixed Match Challenge was left up to a fan vote, Jordan came in third place (Samoa Joe won the vote, but due to injury Bayley will team with Elias).

All that being said, what happens when an entitled child doesn’t get the attention they think they deserve? They throw a fit. Don’t be surprised if and when Jordan does precisely that — and I’m sure there will be lots of suplexes involved.

What do you think about Jason Jordan’s character? Share your thoughts and comments below!