Vince McMahon’s Secret Opinion on Wrestling Revealed

Wrestling fans are not the only ones who seem to be displeased with wrestling the way it is today. Even Vince McMahon has his reservations. Recently, a private conversation between Vinnie Mac and Kevin Nash came to light, where Vince revealed his actual opinion on wrestling today. Here is the story.

Today’s Wrestlers

According to Kevin Nash, Vince McMahon made some statements towards current day wrestlers and wrestling, which are less than flattering. During his conversation with Nash, Vince allegedly said that today’s wrestlers lack ambition and that they expect to be anointed

The Response of Wrestling Fans

Vince McMahon has been criticized heavily by wrestling fans in recent years, especially with viewership ratings declining and wrestling events failing to fill the seats.

One of the most common accusations towards Vince McMahon is that he favors big men to get the opportunities, despite some of them not getting over with the crowd. Fans claim Vince refuses to listen to what they would like to see, and I cannot say I disagree with them.

My View on Vince Statements

What I’m about to say about Vince McMahon may be seen as harsh, but don’t be fooled because the man is responsible for some of the best wrestling television ever. Still, I fear that Vince has lost touch with the wrestling fans, and is pushing his agenda more than anything.

It also came to light that Vince recently sold some of his WWE stock, and how can we take his wrestling business seriously if even the big boss starts to pull out some of his WWE stock to invest in another sport?

I also believe the statement made by McMahon is incorrect because it takes quite a lot to make into the WWE. If you did not have ambition, you would not be getting into the company in the first place. However, some champions who lack a passion for the business, Brock Lesnar being one of them. Funny enough, this is one of the men Vince McMahon deems worthy of pushing. Another example of how out of touch Vince is with his roster as well as WWE fans.

What do you think about the statements made by Vince McMahon? Is he right, or is he out of touch with wrestlers and fans? Let us know in the comment section below!