Update On Samoa Joe’s Injury

Bad news for Samoa Joe fans, WWE announced that Samoa Joe has indeed suffered an injury. It was not a part of a WWE storyline and is genuine. Here is the story.

Statement from WWE Senior Ringside Clinician Dr. Chris Amann

Samoa Joe’s injury came during a match with Rhyno. According to Dr. Chris Amann, Joe felt a pop at the bottom of his right foot during the bout, which prompted clinicians to take a closer look. Preliminary tests have been done, and this is what the senior clinician had to say:

“We took a look and believe he has a plantar fascia rupture, which is a thick rupture under the foot. We will get an mri to confirm. Treatment include a period of immobilization in a boot with CRUTCHES and platelet-rich plasma injections”

Repercussions for the Royal Rumble

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Even though we do not yet know the seriousness of Joe’s injuries, the problems he experienced with his right foot could have severe repercussions for his Royal Rumble entry.

Joe recently stated that he would participate in the Royal Rumble event, something I was incredibly excited about. I see Samoa Joe as one of the leading talents on the Raw roster, so he cannot be missing from this event. Unfortunately, it seems like Samoa Joe’s body has different ideas.

Aside from his entry in the Royal Rumble, rumor has it there are more significant plans in the works for Samoa Joe. According to Wrestling Observer Radio, there were some plans for a Samoa Joe versus John Cena match at WrestleMania. By being injured again, Vince McMahon could also change his mind about Joe and his push, which I hope will not be the case.

We confirmed last week that The Miz would replace Joe as on WWE’s big Madison Square Garden Show, but now, according to the Wrestling Observer, Joe’s Wrestlemania may be in jeopardy. His injury will have him out at least until the two weeks before Wrestlemania, meaning it is unlikely he’ll get a match on the biggest show of the year.

Feel Better Soon Joe

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On behalf of the Ringside Intel team, I would like to wish Samoa Joe good luck with his recovery, and I hope he feels better soon. If anyone can return quickly, Joe can, so I look forward to seeing him in the ring soon.

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