Sunny Fires at Bayley and Candice LeRae

Former WWE Diva Sunny is known for her controversial comments and cries for attention. Now she can add another statement to that list, which was directed at Bayley and Candice LeRae. I have something to say about Sunny too, but that comes later.

Too Ugly for the Main Roster

The statements made by Sunny were less than flattering. Instead of commenting on their wrestling ability, Sunny went straight for the jugular and decided to call both Bayley and Candice LeRae ugly. Here is what she said about Candice being signed by the WWE:

“And she was signed to ‘developmental’ right? Which means she’s too ugly to ever make the big show. Unless they give the girl some MAJOR plastic surgery. IE Bayley. Sorry. Had to be said.”

Inter-gender Wrestling Gets a Hit Too

Sunny continued with some inflammatory statements, which were posted on her Facebook account over the weekend. Not only did she take a few shots at Bayley and Candice, but she also continued by talking about inter-gender wrestling in the worst way possible.

“The most ridiculous stupid absurd most damaging thing to can ever happen to our business. That’s why it’s alll going to sh** in a handbasket so fast. Anyone who supports this should bury themselves alive.”

My Opinion

Tammy Lynn Sytch

Well, I disagree 100% with Sunny, per usual. The only way she gets into the media these days is with statements like these, calling someone ugly while they aren’t. Therefore, I even detest writing this, because it gives her attention. Still, it is something WWE stars cannot defend themselves against, so I gladly take on that challenge.

Sunny may have been significant during the Attitude Era, but now she relies on breaking other people down to make herself feel better. So, if I were Bayley and Candice, I would pay no attention whatsoever to this desperate lady. Remember Sunny; you disrespect others, you will get disrespect back. It’s that simple. If you want a career still, might be best to keep those unfounded opinions to yourself.

What is your take on Sunny’s recent rants? Let us know in the comment section below.