Someone Is Selling Sasha Banks’ Hair On eBay

How Sasha Can Make A Bank Statement

Being a wrestler means you can enjoy some of the perks of being famous, but that comes with dealing with some creepy downsides. Unfortunately, Sasha Banks is now dealing with something bizarre, since a fan puts up two strands of her hair on eBay.

Hair Strands for $39.99

Just when you think things cannot get more creepy, you find your hair on an auction website; this is the situation Sasha is finding herself in at the moment.

On the auction website eBay, the hair is being described as “used” and “ring worn.” The seller claims the package includes two strands of Sasha Banks’ hair. According to the seller, the strands were found in a Conner’s Cure shirt purchased on WWE auction. The fan then pulled them out and put them in a bag.

Letter of Authenticity

Strangely enough, the strands of hair come with a letter of authenticity, which came with the shirt obtained from the WWE Auction. Still, even though the hair comes with the so-called letter of authenticity, buyers have no way of knowing they are actually buying Sasha’s genuine hair (I can’t believe I just said that).

Keeping Her Personal Life Private

Given how crazy things can get for a WWE superstar, it is no surprise Sasha Banks prefers to keep her personal life private. Her marriage to costume designer Sarath Ton was kept well under wraps. That being said, Sasha Banks is a talented wrestler with a lot of passion for the business. It is also her right to keep things private if she wishes to do so.

My Opinion

This is so ridiculous I don’t know even where to begin. Who in their right mind puts up hair for auction? If I were Sasha, I’d feel horrible about this. Yes, she’s famous, but that does not mean she should be treated as a commodity. Shame on the person who put her hair on eBay. The best way to stop this sort of thing? Don’t buy the hair!

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