Seth Rollins Brings Back Curb Stomp Finisher

Something wonderful happened on last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw: Seth Rollins brought back his patented Curb Stomp finisher.

In case you’re unaware, WWE banned the Curb Stop back in April 2015 – which Rollins had used since his FCW days – back in April 2015, deeming it “too perpetually violent”; they even edited it out of an NXT DVD. Rollins was subsequently forced to find a new finisher, which resulted in him awkwardly adopting Triple H’s Pedigree and later stealing a couple of Kenny Omega’s moves to form the Kingslayer – which he coincidentally used for the first time on former Bullet Club leader Karl Anderson.

But last night Rollins finally brought back the iconic Curb Stomp, using it to defeat Finn Balor – who is, interestingly enough, also a former Bullet Club leader.

I, for one, cannot be more excited about the resurrection of this move. The Curb-Stomp – now being called the Blackout, which is what Rollins called it during his NXT days – was and is one of the most explosive and visually powerful finishers in wrestling. Hopefully, this means there are big things in store for Rollins in 2018.

Are you excited about the return of the Curb-Stomp? Share your thoughts and comments below!

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