Ronda Rousey’s WWE Plans Revealed!

The Wrestling world is on fire with Ronda Rousey’s shocking appearance at the end of the Royal Rumble PPV. Rousey came out after Asuka’s victory in the first-ever Women’s Rumble Match. She stared down Smackdown Champion Charlotte, Raw Champion Alexa Bliss as well as Asuka before pointing at the Wrestlemania Sign. Rousey then walked towards Stephanie McMahon and shook her hand. That would seem to mean she is going to Raw, possibly to challenge Asuka and Bliss. But is that the case? Rousey already announced she would be at Mania in one capacity or another, presumably wrestling.

But who will she face? An interview from last September seems to hint that Rousey and arguably the best pure-wrestler on the women’s roster are on a collision course.

Charlotte vs. Ronda: Once In A Lifetime

I want this match. Big league. This is the type of super-fight that gets everyone talking and watching. If there is a “Rock-Cena” equivalent for female wrestling in WWE, this would have to be it. There is not a more prominent female athlete on the planet than Ronda Rousey. There isn’t a better pure athlete and wrestler in WWE than Charlotte. People want to see the two best go at it on the biggest stage of them all. These are two women who have the charisma and skill to main event Wrestlemania!

Ronda has already proven she has the athletic ability and strength to cut it in the ring. Don’t forget; she gave Triple H a BEAUTIFUL judo throw.

Image result for rousey triple h throw

As for Charlotte? I don’t know if anyone else on the roster, male or female is capable of what she can do in and out of the ring. She might not match her father in the charisma department (WHO DOES!?), but she inherited the Nature Boy’s preternatural in (and out of)-ring skill.

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Plans Change

It could turn into something different, as plans in WWE always evolve. There’s a rumor that Rousey and The Rock will face off against Triple H and Stephanie in a rematch of their Wrestlemania 31 confrontation. I am skeptical of this, as The Rock is pretty much done with wrestling due to his busy filming schedule and the insurance costs of having him wrestle.

We’ll learn more about Rousey’s WWE place on the January 29th edition of Raw. As stated previously, Rousey stressed that she is full-time in WWE now. I don’t expect her to get in the ring before Wrestlemania, but wouldn’t be shocked to see a few ippon seoi nage and armbars between now and then.

Are you excited for Ronda Rousey being in the WWE? Share your thoughts in the comments below.