Jonathan Coachman Signs With the WWE

The WWE is known to attract some big names for their commentary team. There seems to be a new addition to this tea since the WWE has announced the official arrival of Jonathan Coachmen for the Raw commentary team. He will be joining Corey Graves and Michael Cole.

Who Is Jonathan Coachman?

Coachman is a well-known name in the broadcasting world and even had a previous stint in the WWE. Before he made his way to the big leagues, Jonathan Coachman was a local broadcaster. In 2000, he was picked up by the WWE. He would become well-known for his antics with the Rock and as a lead announcer on Sunday Night Heat.

Fans who watched the WWE between 1999 and 2008 will remember Coachman. During this time, he played a variety of roles within the company. He started as a backstage interviewer but worked his way up to commentator and an assistant to Eric Bischoff. He also was an executive assistant and an interim General Manager.

When Does Jonathan Coachman Start?

Jonathan “The Coach” Coachman will start on the commentary team on January 29th, 2018. He will be replacing Booker T and joining the team of Michael Cole and Corey Graves.

What Happens to Booker T?

Booker T

As you may already guess, Jonathan Coachman will replace Booker T on the Raw commentary team. Even though we won’t see him on the regular commentary team at Raw, he will remain with the company taking on several roles.

Fans will spot Booker T regularly during the kickoff shows for various pay-per-views. He will also make special appearances and continue his duties as a WWE ambassador.


I believe David Otunga would take over from Booker T. However, I am happy the WWE changed their minds and got the Coach back. He is an interesting character and a great commentator, so I am glad he will join the WWE once again. Still, I’m left wondering what is going to happen to Otunga.

What is your opinion on the return of “the coach”? Let us know in the comment section below!