How To Make Sure You Get Ringside Intel In Your Newsfeed

Facebook is going through dramatic changes. Now, they are about to roll out massive updates to its newsfeed that will dramatically change the type of content you see.

Facebook is going to focus on your nexus of family and friends, in addition to a list of what they label “trusted sources.”

Those “trusted sources” aren’t based on what you trust, but what they trust. They claim the pages will be based on “diverse and representative” criteria determined by sample pools of Facebook users. But no one – except Facebook itself – knows just what the rules are for the selection process.

Facebook noted they will rank news outlets it deems to be “reputable.” Here is a recent Fox Business report on the massive changes:

Facebook is under tremendous pressure from advertisers and politicians to make changes after the 2016 election. And their hastily made changes will dramatically change how you read the news.

But there is a way to ensure you don’t miss stories from the Ringside Intel. Below are the instructions for how to update your Facebook settings so that your newsfeed prioritizes posts by sites you follow, like us here at Ringside Intel.

Step 1) Go to the drop-down arrow at the top righthand corner and select “News Feed Preferences.”

Step 2) Select “Prioritize who to see first.”

Step 3) Select “Pages Only”

Otherwise, we highly recommend a secondary option, where you can go to Ringside’s Facebook page and choose “See First” in the drop-down menu below the button labeled “Following.”

Follow these steps and you’ll always get the freshest wrestling news straight from your dear friends here at Ringside Intel.