Drew Gulak Buys A Cowboy Hat – Kevin Owens Is Pleased – JR Is Not

Worries that Kevin Owens is sitting at home nursing an injury were indirectly refuted on the morning of January 17th. Owens reported from a Texas airport that 205 Live Star Drew Gulak was sporting a rather curious and regionally specific item of clothing.

Adding to the Texan-ness, Owens claimed Gulak even sported a bolo!

And here’s a photo of the Master of the Powerpoint sporting the hat!

WWE Hall of Famer and noted wearer of a cowboy hat Goold Ol’ JR Jim Ross was not a fan of Gulak’s new style.

Of course, Gulak isn’t the only WWE Superstar to sport a 10-Gallon Hat.

Here are few more stars who donned the Cowboy hat.

Stone Cold and Kurt Angle


From the Double Cross Ranch, it is Terry Funk!

Stan Hansen who, like Terry Funk, went to the college in my hometown!

Jimmy Yang Wang

As HBK’s flowing locks began to thin, he too took on the western style.

He added his own flair to it, but the Macho Man sported a hat as well.

Inexplicably successful Jeff Jarrett wore this gaudy number during his WWF “Double J” Days.

Brock Lesnar always styled himself more of a farmer than a wrestler.

“Cowboy” Bob Orton (sans cast)

Trailblazing Texas female legend Jacqueline loved her a cowboy hat!

Any western wearing Superstars we left out? Share your thoughts in the comments below.