A Master Creator Of Wrestling Gifs Explains How He Does It

If you follow wrestling online, you’ve seen gifs featuring your favorite wrestlers and wrestling moments. Wrestling gifs are as popular as clips on youtube. In a genre built on small moments and quick bouts of monumental athletic ability, the gif is the perfect way to capture that one particular moment.

But who is making all of these gifs? One of them is Brazilian superfan Italo Santana, known on twitter @BulletclubItal.

You’ve seen his work on countless posts here. He seems to watch every bit of wrestling available and is continuously gifing.

I emailed him a few questions about his wrestling fandom and his process for creating gifs.

How long have you been a wrestling fan?

“10 years. I started watching on 5th of January 2008.”

When did you start making gifs?

“February 2016.”

You make gifs all the time, do you ever sleep?

“Yes, I sleep like 7-8 hours per day, I spend most of the days in my home, so that’s why I make so much GIF’s.”

What is your favorite gif you or someone else has made?

“My favorite GIF that I made it was one with Sami Zayn dancing at the 2017 Hall of Fame show.

Image result for Sami Zayn dancing hall of fame

“My favorite GIF that someone else has made it was Randy Orton almost killing one of the Singh Brothers at Backlash 2017.

You seem to create gifs instantaneously, what software do you use?


Do you ever run into copyright issues?

“I had to create other Twitter account ( The one that I use now ) because in 2016 ROH suspended my Twitter account because I giffed they show. But now, ROH is very cool with me. Since then nothing like that ever happened to me.”

Fascinating stuff. Glad there are guys like Italo are around. They provide an invaluable service. And what’s crazy is they do it for free!

What do you think about Wrestling gifs? Do you have a favorite? Share it in the comments below.

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