Unannounced Attendance Numbers For Clash Of Champions Keeps Wrestling Media Guessing!

Wrestling media and wrestling reporters are good at spotting some unusual details that may occur during pay-per-views. One of these details occurred at Clash of Champions because the commentators did not reveal the attendance numbers during the pay-per-view. Naturally, this has left many wrestling media channels wondering why.

Rumored Reasons For Unannounced Attendance Numbers

One wrestling media channel – WrestlingInc – has a theory about the unannounced attendance numbers, and I believe they could be onto something. According to WrestlingInc, it is likely the WWE did not announce the numbers due to a lack of filled seats in the arena.

WrestlingInc claims that several attendees were removed from the upper deck seats and fill up some of the rows visible by the camera. They also claim that several upper levels were closed off for the pay-per-view, which feeds into their belief that attendance numbers were not announced because of a serious lack of attendees.

We must mention that this is not the first time that the WWE did not announce attendance numbers, because there was another pay-per-view this year where the WWE did not announce attendance numbers.

Fan Reactions

Some fans seem to argue the point made by WrestlingInc, while others agree. Therefore, it is difficult to determine the truth for me, since I did not attend the pay-per-view myself. Here are some of the reactions from fans who attended Clash of Champions.

King Nappie on eWrestlingnews:

“The camera side was empty. There were many seats near front row that were still unclaimed before the show and had to be filled.”

Micah Daniels on WrestlingInc:

“A friend who went to the show said at the very most, about 4 sections were empty up top. So even for a barely hyped end of year SD PPV, 12,500 loud fans is not all that terrible.”

Marky Mark on WrestlingInc:

“I was there live, it was a pretty full arena. Very hot crowd, too. As the night went on the crowd got hotter and I think it was because they didn’t expect the show to be as good as it was. My buddy texted me after the fatal four way and was like, “dude, this is a sneaky good ppv.”

My Opinion

Even if the rumors surrounding the attendance numbers are true, I doubt the problem is as bad as described on certain wrestling media websites. It is not uncommon for SmackDown to deal with dwindling attendance numbers, but sometimes things are taken out of proportion.

What do you believe the reason is for commentators not announcing the attendance numbers for Clash of Champions? Give us your unsalted opinions below!