Tom Zenk, WCW Tag and TV Champion, Passes Away at 59

Tom Zenk, also known as “Z-Man” in WCW passed away earlier today at the age of 59. Former WCW and Mid-South manager Missy Hyatt broke the news online.

Zenk was a bodybuilder before turning to wrestling. He saw success in the Pacific Northwest early on, tieing Jushin Thunder Liger for “Rookie of the Year” honors in 1984. Zenk teamed with Rick Martel as part of the Can-Am Express but saw his most significant success in WCW. He won the US Tag Titles with a young Brian Pillman as well as the Television Title, and the Six-man title alongside Dusty Rhodes.

It seems likely that a bad attitude ended his career early. Via the Wrestling Observer

He was often bitter, citing that his looks and his ability to get women should have made him pushed above promoter’s sons


if he wasn’t pushed, would stop lifting citing if he was going to be used as a jobber he would look like one, which led to a spiral downward.

Zenk testified against Vince McMahon in his 1994 trial, and later, pretty much disappeared after legal threats were made regarding comments he made publicly on a number of shows.

He became well-known after his career for his no-holds-barred “shoot” interviews where he went after everyone from Vince McMahon to Scott Steiner and DDP

Listening to these discussions, it is easy to see why Zenk left the business on less-than-friendly terms.

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