Shocking Ending In the US Title Match At Clash Of Champions

December 17th’s Clash Of Champions PPV wasn’t heavily promoted and most fans, I included, weren’t very excited about the match-ups. I felt like most every match would be predictable in their execution and ending. Well WWE must be reading my tweets again because they decided to put down a swerve in the opening match, the Triple Threat US Title match between Dolph Ziggler, Bobby Roode, and champion Baron Corbin.

The entire match was surprisingly good, like really good. Watch it. But the ending was out of nowhere, original, and just plain great.

What Does This Mean For Dolph Ziggler’s future?

Well, we suspected that Corbin would lose the title, but to Roode. Roode not taking the pain is a good thing and Corbin straight-up missing it is not a great thing. This is two significant opportunities given and then taken away quickly from Corbin. This will fuel rumors that he’s getting buried, but there’s no way to know that for sure. In Roode’s case, it is possible that he moves onto feuding with AJ Styles for the WWE title. As for Dolph Ziggler, this is a pleasant surprise. The Show-Off has long been rumored to be out the door. Perhaps grabbing gold will keep him around for a while?

On the pessimist side, it is possible that Ziggler loses it back to Corbin on Tuesday’s Smackdown. Vince seems to want to give Corbin all the chances in the world, despite his inability to deliver. Is it possible Dolph Ziggler is the champ simply to punish Corbin? Probably not, but that’s how big of a surprise Ziggler winning is.

What did you think of Clash of Champions? Are you happy Dolph Ziggler won? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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