Rusev Lashes Out At Vince and Shane McMahon

It is no secret that Rusev’s career has been in the dumps since he was transferred to SmackDown. While it is no surprise he is less than happy with his current situation, Rusev has made some statements in the direction of Shane and Vince McMahon, which could be considered as less than flattering. Here’s the story.

Video Game Ratings – Really

Superstar Shake Up

The thing that seems to bother Rusev most is the rating of Shane McMahon in the new WWE 2K18 game. Shane McMahon received a rating of 84, while Rusev ranked the same. Here is what Rusev said about his rating:

“Of course not. How can an undefeated Superstar for a whole year, go face John Cena at WrestleMania on a freaking tank, be rated 84? And Sami Zayn, who weighs 180 pounds, shaves his abs in with a razor, can have a higher rating than me? And also, Shane McMahon is what, 84? He wrestles once a year?”

Vince McMahon’s Rating

Vince McMahon

NEW YORK, NY – APRIL 04: Vince McMahon attends WWE Superstars for Sandy Relief at Cipriani, Wall Street on April 4, 2013 in New York City. (Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images for WWE)

Rusev would continue voicing his displeasure at his WWE 2K18 rating, more specifically by commenting on the rating network boss Vince McMahon received.

“The only other realistic rating is Vince McMahon who has 74, because he sucks.”

Big Show’s Rating

Not all of Rusev’s comments were bad though because he did have some good words for WWE’s Big Show. He believed Big Show would have a higher rating than him, only to find out he only ranked 80. This is what Rusev said about the situation:

“The Big Show’s gotta be more than 84, for sure. (After finding out he’s only 80) What?! Well, yeah (I’m better than The Big Show). But he’s a giant!”

Enzo Amore’s Rating

enzo amore backstage heat

Still, the thing that seemed to upset Rusev was Enzo’s rating, which he believed to be low. Instead, he had some pointed comments after finding out Enzo got a 74!

“He better be 54. (After finding out he’s rated 74) That’s 74 more than he should have. That kid should never wrestle anyways.”

Sheamus’ Rating

Rusev also had some good words for Sheamus, so it does seem like he does have his own preferences where ratings are concerned. I do also need to mention that I agree with Rusev wholeheartedly on the poor ratings in the game.

“He has to be about 88. (He’s only an 85) No, don’t tell him that. Sheamy, I’m sorry if you’re watching this, I’m sorry Sheamy. You’re a four-time World Champion and you deserve much better. I still love you.”

Playing His Character


The statements of Rusev came during a recent interview by Sporf. While many people take the statements as a serious lashing out, I’m not too sure. I honestly believe he may be playing his character, although it does not explain why he is making nice statements about other wrestlers during the interview.

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