Man Wants To Get Stone Cold Steve Austin Tattoo On His Forehead – Stone Cold Chimes In

What better way to show your devotion and love for a cause, celebrity, family member, or moment than by getting a tattoo? I can think of a lot, actually. But for some, getting a tattoo is the ultimate symbol. We’ve documented wrestlers and their ink pretty extensively. But what about the fans?

I think we’ve found the best or worst (definitely worst) wrestling fan tattoo of all time.

“Nerd Ferguson” on Twitter decided to display his love of Stone Cold Steve Austin where all could see it…right on his forehead.

Thankfully, the Texas Rattlesnake intervened to put a stop to this nonsense.

Even though the photo is of sketch and not a final product I have but one question…

Other Regrettable Wrestling Tattoos

Mr. Ferguson wasn’t the first and won’t be the last to get a bad wrestling tattoo. Here are few more.

Jericho (OK) Beniot (NO) Owen Hart (OK) and either the Miz, Ken Shamrock or Jean-Claude Van Dam.

The Ultimate Warrior needs the feel the power of a good dentist.

Haunted Triple H.

Randy Orton Five-Head.

Skulk Hogan?

A rare moment when a tattoo is bigger than the person it is on.

Munchkin Man Randy Savage.

Are wrestling tattoos a good idea? Like any other tattoo or any other situational question: “It depends.”

DO get a tattoo on your arm or chest or leg. DO NOT get a tattoo on your neck, face, or buttocks.

DO take the time find and design a piece that means something to you. DO NOT get ink on a whim and just because.

DO find a professional you trust and ensure they have a sanitary set-up and use high-quality ink that won’t fade. Do not get it done by your buddy “Puppet” in his overgrown backyard.

What are your thoughts on wrestling tattoos? Share your thoughts in the comments below.