Fans Fear Matt Hardy’s Broken Gimmick Is Being Ruined By The WWE!

Even though I believe it is too early to judge, many fans seem to be taking to social media and are complaining about Matt Hardy’s broken gimmick. They are not complaining about the woken Matt, but more about the way the WWE is handling the character. Here is the full story!

Preview of WWE Broken Brand

Many fans believe that the recent segments involving “woken” Matt Hardy is a prelude to what is to come, more specifically the WWE’s take on his character.

Despite some of the negative comments, I enjoyed this thoroughly. I was surprised to read anything negative at all. Of course, it is to be expected after a WWE year filled with disappointments. I believe fans are scared the WWE will ruin this creative gem, and I cannot blame them. You reap what you sow.

Matt Hardy’s Response

God, I love broken Matt Hardy, it is freaking hilarious. In true Matt Hardy style, he responded to some of the negative comments received on social media. Of course, he did it in familiar and bizarre “Broken” Matt style.

“I told two very different & DELIGHTFUL stories in these two appearances. You’ll have to follow closely as The Great War rages on. An ABUNDANCE of information shall be DIVULGED in the next few weeks.”


My Opinion

I have to be honest people; I’m surprised at the response of many fans. So, I am curious what my valued readers think. Personally, I think the entire gimmick is brilliant. I’ve seen his “broken” gimmick in Impact Wrestling, and now his “woken” gimmick in the WWE. Is it produced better? Of course, it is! The WWE have more funds to put behind it. Should we already panic the WWE is overproducing it? In my opinion, no. As long as Matt Hardy gets his creative freedom, I don’t think we have to worry about it just yet.

What is your opinion on the woken gimmick? Post your honest opinion in the comment section below. I’m dying to know what you think!

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