Chris Jericho Attacked During Press Conference

Chris Jericho is enjoying his career outside of WWE. His 2018 is packed full of wrestling that isn’t involved with the company that has been his home for nearly 20 years. While there is an ocean cruise and other projects in the works, Jericho’s 2018 starts off with a bang. On January 4th in Tokyo, Jericho will wrestle against New Japan Pro Wrestling’s US Champion Kenny Omega at Wrestle Kingdom 12. The match is billed as Jericho’s Alpha going against The Omega. Jericho shocked fans when he appeared at an NJPW show last month to announce his participation. But it was during the finals of the Global Tag League that the feud turned up. Jericho attacked and left Omega bloody in the ring.

A few days later, Omega retaliated against Jericho by jumping him during a press conference. Jericho then grabbed the mic and threatened to END Omega’s career at Wrestle Kingdom 12. Watch the entire exchange below.

I am excited about this. Jericho got his first start in Japan and built his name there. Omega, a Canadian, has become one of the few gaijin to become a main-event star in Japan. This match will most likely not be the main event, but it will have plenty of time for the two go at it and tell a great story.

Jericho Done with WWE?

I don’t see this as anything more than a one-off for Jericho. NJPW is the hottest it has ever been, and Jericho is lending his name to make the promotion’s “Wrestlemania” a little bit bigger in the States. Even I was on the fence on this show until Jericho added himself to the card. Wrestle Kingdom is always a great show but it is a bit of a drag to have to wake up at 3 am to watch wrestling live from Japan.

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