AWOKEN Matt Hardy Finally Debuted On Raw – It Was DELIGHTFUL!

After MONTHS of teasing, the Broken Woken Matt Hardy is finally in WWE. WWE and the Hardys teased for months that the bizarre, time-traveling, philosophy-spouting, blonde-streaked madman would make his way to WWE television. But with Impact threatening legal action, many of us thought that there would never be anything more than a few hints. That all changed after Matt Hardy lost a bruiser of a match to Bray Wyatt. Hardy appeared broken and frustrated before he began his signature “DELETE” gesture.

Fans were excited. The Woken one was coming. But what would it involve? We got more of a taste of the new Hardy on the December 5th Raw. As referenced last week, Hardy will feud with Bray Wyatt. The two engaged in one of the most bizarre promo battles in WWE history. The audience devoured it.

Watch below:

Hardy, who has lived the persona on Twitter for months, is now FULLY WOKEN online. Not only did he aim his sights at Bray, but he went after young upstart and noted fake crier Jason Jordan.

What Does This Mean For Woken Matt Hardy?

Now that he’s finally arrived, what’s next? What made the character and entire storyline work in TNA was that executives gave Hardy room to get as weird and esoteric as he wished. The Hardys used drones, fireworks, and their sprawling farm in North Carolina as tools to make The Broken Universe a unique part of wrestling in 2016. WWE can be cautious when it comes to acquiring a new character. They also can have their vision override what made the original work. Hopefully, Vince and company let Matt and Jeff (and King Maxel, Reby Hardy, and Senor Benjamin) play around and experiment. That’s what made the original work so well.

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