Wrestlers Who Transformed For The WWE!

It is no secret that creating a persona is important for any wrestler who wants to get a career in wrestling. Of course, creating that persona may require a transformation. Here are some of the wrestlers who changed their appearance to become a WWE Superstar!

Dean Ambrose

I am glad for this transformation to be honest, because Dean Ambrose went from the typical long-haired wrestler – which reminded me of Edge to be honest – to the lovable lunatic we know today. During his time in the indies, Dean Ambrose had the typical long blond (and yes pink) hair and tanned body. Fortunately for us, he changed it to the more realistic Lunatic haircut!

Roman Reigns

To my fellow ladies, this might shock you, but Roman Reigns was not always the long-haired stud muffin we know and love today. During his high school years, Roman Reigns had a surprisingly short haircut. While he did start to grow out his hair while playing football, the total transformation only took place in the WWE!


Former women’s champion Paige always had a different look, but she took it one step further when she joined the WWE. Her hair went significantly darker and her overall look more goth than usual. Naturally, the transformation made her stand out from all the other female wrestlers on the roster.

Becky Lynch

Another female wrestler who looked like the girl next door before the WWE is Becky Lynch. Before her arrival at the wrestling promotion, Lynch had blond-brown hair, which was also a lot shorter than it is today. Of course, we love the orange hairdo she has today!

Enzo Amore

If we would have to mention one wrestler with a look that certainly looks like a transformation, we would like to hope, is Enzo Amore! Fortunately, it is true that Enzo looked remarkably different before starting to wrestle for the WWE.

As you can see in the old photograph, Enzo was anything but a Certified G before his wrestling career. Well, he certainly gets recognized more with the new hairdo and animal prints!

Why I Think Transformations Are Important

Even though looks aren’t everything, there is a clear benefit to making yourself stand out from the rest. Just think about it, what if every female wrestler was a blonde? Or what if every wrestler had long hair and a tanned body? So, these wrestlers certainly were successful in creating a look for themselves.

Which transformation surprised you the most? Let us know in the comment section below!