Video Hints At Rebellious Smackdown Team Jumping Ship

At Survivor Series, Shane McMahon took a pounding. Not only from his fellow competitors in the Survivor Series 5-on-5 but from his top foes from Smackdown Live, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. The Canadian best frenemies took turns wailing on the Smackdown Commissioner before he evened the odds with a chair, chasing off the young rebellious upstarts. So where does that leave Kevin Owens and Zayn? Well, according to this video below from, they may be jumping ship to the Raw brand soon.

After complaining that they were relegated to the “pre-show” Sami Zayn went on an extended rant about how unfair Shane McMahon treated both him and Owens. Then walked in Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon. The McMahon scion apologized for their treatment at the hands of Shane and told them they deserved better. Zayn in-turn apologized for everything bad he said about Stephanie.

The Context Is Everything

What intrigues me most about this video is WHEN it was shot, right after Owens and Zayn beat Breezango on the pre-show. Later on in the night, they interfered in the main event. Did Stephanie order them to do it? Was this a way for the Canadians to show their loyalty and Raw? We will see.

It wouldn’t shock me if the two jump to Raw. Even though Smackdown is the “land of opportunity” it is still only a two-hour show and as such talent can only do so much. But then again, Zayn and Owens have consistently been in the main event and top feuds for months now. They are part of what make Smackdown the most compelling program WWE produces on a weekly basis. Unless there’s a firm plan to do something with them, I think a move to Raw would be a waste. Their continued feud with Shane is Smackdown’s biggest story at the moment, it shouldn’t be ended so abruptly. However, if the plan is for Kevin and Sami to be double-agents on behalf of Raw and Stephanie, then that is something I can definitely get behind.

Should Sami and Owens jump to Raw? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.