The Six Most Dangerous Wrestlers In WWE History

Some wrestlers are considered as genuine badasses; this is certainly the case for the following wrestlers. According to the WWE, these are some of the most dangerous wrestlers the WWE has ever employed!

Brock Lesnar

According to the WWE, Brock Lesnar is the most dangerous wrestler the company has ever employed. Well, if by dangerous you mean overpaid, overrated, and a lack of passion for wrestling, you might be right. Too harsh? Spoiler warning, I might be getting a little bitter about Lesnar STILL being a champion, despite his apparent efforts to connect with the fans he’s neglected for years. Ugh!

Kurt Angle

Fortunately for the WWE, I do agree with this one. Contrary to Lesnar, Kurt Angle does have a passion for wrestling and is a genuine bad ass. Not a bad ass who’s just looking for a payday

But what makes Kurt Angle such a dangerous and fearsome wrestler? Well, not only did he fight his way through various injuries, he is also one of the toughest competitors ever to step foot in the square circle.

This next wrestler was actually considered “The World’s Most Dangerous” Man at one point!

Ken Shamrock

Even though Ken Shamrock went back to mixed martial arts, he was a genuine bad hombre in the attitude era. He is certainly one of those wrestlers who is hard to forget. Not only did he have an extensive UFC background, he had an unpredictable in-ring style that made him extremely dangerous for every competitor.

The Undertaker

You cannot mention bad ass wrestlers without mentioning the Undertaker. Even his entrance would strike fear into the heart of his opponents, and excitement in the hearts of fans!

There are many things that make the Undertaker a legitimate fighter. Not only does he have a remarkable presence that made opponents fear him, he was also 6 foot 10 and 300 pounds. So, certainly not a pushover by any means!

Rick Rude

A genuine brawler, Rick Rude had a reputation as a tough guy. Before his wrestling career, the ravishing one worked as a bouncer in Minnesota. Jim Ross even claimed that he could knock guys out with just the palm of his hand. So, Rude certainly deserves a spot on the list!

Steve Blackman

Like Ken Shamrock, there was another wrestler with a serious background in martial arts, Steve Blackman. The WWE nicknamed him “the Lethal Weapon”, and with good reason, since the man had a background in Shotokan Karate, jiu-jitsu and other martial arts.

Why I Think the WWE Needs More Genuine Bad Asses

Since the time of the true baby face is over, it may be time to take some lessons from the attitude era and reintroduce some genuine badasses. Then, you are giving us someone to genuinely cheer for, instead of a babyface who is getting his or her ass kicked by heels all the time. Something to think about?

Who is your favorite genuine bad ass? Would you add someone to this list? Let us know in the comment section below!

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