The Shield Challenge The New Day For Survivor Series

With Survivor Series approaching Sunday, November 19th, WWE is pulling out all the stops for the biggest event of the fall. The main 5-on-5 matches for both the men and women are set as well as four massive Champion vs. Champion bouts. Curiously missing from the proceedings were the two biggest factions in WWE: The Shield and The New Day.

The original plan was for Rollins and Ambrose to square off against The Usos and for Reigns to join the elimination team. But after The New Day interfered and cost The Shield their Tag Titles, the Hounds of Justice were OUT FOR JUSTICE. A returning Roman Reigns was full of energy and fury when he laid out a massive challenge for Survivor Series.

I have mixed feelings about this. I know it will be a fun match. The crowd will be into it. But on the other hand, this was supposed to be The Shield’s big return. But Roman’s sickness seemed to derail it. Another instance of Roman being blamed for something that isn’t his fault. Sad! Is a match against the New Day worthy of the first PPV Shield match in years? The crowd seems to think so.

To add to the match, the Shield “invaded” Smackdown and beat up the New Day and Shane McMahon. This got me a little more into it..

I want the old Shield back.

The Shield that destroyed everyone. They took no prisoners had no friends. We saw an inkling of that during the opening of the November 13th Raw. Roman got right into Stephanie McMahon’s face and told her that the Shield was running things again. We need more of that. Roman saying little and killing everyone. Rollins and Ambrose beating up everyone. Hopefully, they can have this run for a few months. The problem with modern wrestling is that everyone is so exposed to the product that we get everything all the time and exciting moments can become stale quickly. Here’s hoping we get the Hounds of Justice at least until The Royal Rumble.

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