The Four Wildest Moments From The Raw Before Survivor Series

The final Raw before Survivor Series was, in one word, great. There wasn’t a down segment or anything off-key. The evening felt like it was the show before Wrestlemania. The big guns and moments were out in full force. Here’s a taste of everything big and bold that went down on Monday Night.

Roman Steps Up To Stephanie

You know it is business when Stephanie comes back into the picture. The last two weeks have seen the Queen B and undoubtedly WWE’s greatest villain return with one thing in mind: getting Kurt Angle and the Raw roster back in line after failing to rebuff the attacks of Smackdown. This week, Stephanie focused her wrath on Angle’s signing of his son to the Survivor Series team, while Smackdown, led by Stephanie’s brother, signed John Cena.

When it seemed like Steph was about to put the hammer down on The Olympian, the radio crackled, and the Shield descended from the stands. With a healthy Roman Reigns in tow, the Hounds of Justice stood up for their former teammate and let the McMahon scion know that they run this yard and they make the rules. It was Roman’s best promo in months. He had an energy about him that harkened back to the classic Shield days.

Asuka Murders Dana Brooke

I don’t think fans and talent understand what a dominating force Asuka is and can be. There’s never been a female wrestler in WWE that possesses her power and her presence. Dana Brooke learned that the hard way last night when she threw an elbow at the Empress of Tomorrow. RIP Dana.

Triple H is Back To His Old Ways

Earlier in the night, Jason Jordan appeared to injure his knee in a match against Bray Watt. Jordan’s father, GM Kurt Angle, decided to remove him from the Survivor Series team. Languishing over this decision in the ring, Angle and Jordan were joined by a furious and determined Triple H. The Game grabbed the mic and announced he would be the 5th team member. Then in classic Trips form,  he hit Jordan with a Pedigree. The crowd roared, the irony of Triple H “burying” another young talent completely lost upon them.

Braun Destroys Kane And The Ring

WWE is selling Braun Strowman as the scariest monster WWE has seen in decades. He keeps destroying everyone and everything in his path. To build Braun up, WWE is using plenty of their old tricks to show off his strength. From throwing people to emerging from trash to breaking the ring. Last night though, Raw ended with a feat I don’t think I’ve seen in a decade and a half. Watch what happened with Braun power-slammed Kane THROUGH the ring. GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY! Come for the crushing slam, stay for Corey Graves’ out-of-bounds-reaction.

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