The Best Returns In WWE History!

Even though debuts are exciting to watch, nothing beats an unexpected (or expected) return of a major superstar. Today, I will look at the best returns in WWE history. So, let’s go on a journey through history and relive these memorable moments.

Triple H (Raw, January 7th, 2002)

Everyone knows that Triple H suffered a quad injury in the past that could have been career ending. When he got injured, he was one of the most hated heels in the company, but his return causes a massive pop from the WWE Universe.

The return of Triple H was an emotional one, not just for fans, but for Triple H too. He admitted in the past that he broke down in tears once the cameras went off the air, so this event undoubtedly had a profound impact on the Game too.

John Cena (Royal Rumble 2008)

John Cena is a wrestler with an unmatched ability to keep the crowd entertained. Over the years, John Cena has made some surprise appearances; this includes his return as the no. 30 wrestler to enter the 2008 Royal Rumble!

Chris Jericho (Raw, 2007)

Chris Jericho has always had a flair for the dramatic; this was no different in 2007, where Chris Jericho returned after a two-year absence. In 2005, Jericho was fired by Bischoff, but he would make a return nobody would ever forget! Thanks for saving us Y2J!

Brock Lesnar (2012)

While I feel my body physically hurting adding this guy to the list, but I would be lying if Brock Lesnar was not in this overview. When he made his return to the ring in 2012, the crowd went ballistic, giving him an instant connection with the WWE Universe. So, Brock Lesnar also has one of the most successful returns back to the ring.

Kane (2000, Raw Is War)

Another big return in the world of wrestling can be attributed to Kane. Of course, you cannot forget about his manager at the time either, the legendary Paul Bearer, who made the return of the Big Red Machine even more special. More even, I would say this was one of the best returns on the cusp of the Attitude Era.

The Rock (2011)

If you want to see a crowd lose their mind, there is only one return that could get everyone on their feet, the return of the most electrifying man in WWE history – the Rock!

Even though the Rock had many noteworthy returns over the year, his return in 2011 certainly topped the lot. I hope we can witness this again in the future!

What are your favorite WWE returns? Post yours in the comment section below!