The Best Musical Moments in WWE History!

Elias Samson has been delighting us with his written masterpieces every week. To honor his great skills of making the crowd hate him, we decided to take a look at some of the finest musical moments in WWE history! Read on to discover which ones stuck with us the most.

The Miz and John Morrison Release a Rap Video

Since the Miz is one of the whitest people you will ever meet, it is difficult imagining him doing a rap video. Still, it happened, and this one is certainly etched in my memory. That being said, The Miz was actually quite decent as a rapper and outshone John Morrison quite a bit. You might recognize John Morrison too since he now works for Lucha Underground under the name Johnny Mundo.

Vince McMahon and Hulk Hogan Perform at the Slammy Awards

As a wrestler, it is vital not to take yourself too seriously. The same applies to the owner of World Wrestling Entertainment, who came out with a show tune during the Slammy Awards in 1987. God how I miss this kind of silliness at the Slammy Awards. Vince, please bring this back!

The Rock Does an Elias Samson on Sacramento

Elias Samson was not the first man to come out with a guitar and play a song in the middle of the ring to insult an entire crowd. One of his most memorable is undoubtedly the song he did in Sacramento, which was in the midst of its Lakers/Kings rivalry. Looking at this video, it is quite reminiscent of Elias Samson, so it is the perfect addition to this little overview!

John Cena Does a Rap

A white man rapping is usually quite painful to watch, and this is certainly no different for John Cena. During his “Thuganomics” stage, he did a lot of raps in the ring. Of course, his talent for destroying his opponents verbally does have to come from somewhere, so you can certainly notice it in his rap videos! Aside from Enzo, these kinds of raps have almost been off WWE television entirely.

Missing Musical Moments

Even though we have Elias Samson to delight us, I do miss some of the showmanship from back in the day. Think about it, how funny would it be to see some of your favorite WWE superstars singing a show tune? Or how much would you give to see John Cena do one of his “unfiltered” raps? Maybe it is time to make the WWE even more musical?

What are your favorite musical moments in the WWE? Would you like more musical moments in WWE programming? Let us know in the comment section below!