Tag Title Changes Hands At Raw UK Taping

The WWE is in the UK and Europe this week doing live events and taping for Raw and Smackdown. We’re also a few weeks away from Survivor Series, so it means that the Red and Blue Brands are set to have signature shows.

As the build for the Raw vs. Smackdown PPV builds, intrigue is surrounding the “Champion vs. Champion” non-title matches. Every champion is battling their counterpart from the different brand. Well, at the November 6th Raw tapings from Manchester, UK, WWE threw a wrench into those proceedings. The implications are going to ripple throughout the entire company.

The Raw Tag Titles have CHANGED HANDS. The Bar upset the Shield under some wild circumstances.

More via CagesideSeats:

…late in the match, New Day’s music hits and they come through the crowd, asking fans how they like the three hour b-show. They bring up how Raw never retaliated to their first attack, and called this Under Siege part two. The Raw locker room comes out with Kurt Angle to ensure no further shenanigans, and while that’s going on…

– The Bar def. Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins via pinfall following a Brogue Kick to Ambrose to become the new Raw tag team champions

That is a lot.

Here’s What That Title Change Means

As of right now, The Shield is OFF Survivor Series. With Roman Reigns rumored to be missing the show due to his continued illness and the Raw Survivor Series team already filled out (That also took place tonight, check the CagesideSeats re-cap for all the results). But they aren’t gonna leave the hottest and most popular group in the company off right?

Well, keep this mind. The Shield made their debut at Survivor Series 2012. It is possible the Hounds of Justice RE-debut at this year’s show and wreak havoc upon the entire roster. That would be sweet. There’s also a rumor that the Shield would wrestle The New Day at Survivor Series. That would be less sweet, in my opinion

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