Summer Rae’s Statement On Her Time In WWE Is A Beautiful Must-Read

Recently released WWE superstar Summer Rae was a fan favorite for a variety of reasons. Of course she is beautiful and athletic, but she had more to her than that. She had a vivacious personality and was always down for doing something fun and ridiculous to help a gimmick or segment work. She came to WWE when the company was moving away from ex-models and more towards athletes and independent female wrestlers. Summer was a true hybrid, she was tall, long, and blonde but also had the ability to go in the ring when she needed to. Though she missed out on the “Divas Revolution” She was still able to make a mark as a personality and manager. Even though she’d been off TV for a long time, fans were still upset when WWE decided to let her go.

But Danielle Moinet doesn’t want her fans to be sad, bitter or upset. Summer LOVED her time in WWE. She fulfilled a life-long dream. She said as much and much more in an uplifting post on Instagram.


Refreshing. In an era where it seems everyone who leaves WWE instantly bags on the company, Summer was grateful for her time with the company. She didn’t complain about a lack of opportunities or TV time. She started from nothing and made it to where she was out of desire and hard work and is thankful for the ride. What a great statement. I wish more wrestlers were like this. Gracious and humble about their time.

Thank you, Danielle, good luck in your next career!

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