Seriously, What Did I Just Watch?

There’s a lot of weird stuff that goes on in wrestling. Events and situations that outside the context of wrestling make zero sense. A favorite past time of mine on Twitter is posting absurd pictures and gifs with the hashtag #ExplainWrestlingToYourFriends

There’s even a Twitter account that just posts context-less wrestling content.

Most of the above can be explained and contextualized. Except for this next tweet. This makes no sense. I don’t know what it means or even what it is. All I know is that it involves New Day Big E. It is disgusting, offensive, nauseating and disturbing. I can’t stop watching it.

Yes. That is Big E in what looks like an ornate dining room. Wearing a boa, dancing seductively, eating jelly donuts. This goes on while lettering demanding we “Buy Jelly Donuts” glides across the screen like a glob of raspberry jam ambling down your shirt.

But Wait…There’s something to explain this!

Here’s the original video, complete with a sexy trumpet, Big E singing, and an audience laughing.

Here’s a bit more added context via Reddit:

He was on a YouTube show called Good Mythical Morning with Xavier and Kofi as they hosted the show while the real hosts of the show Rhett and Link were out. This episode consisted of all three members picking random pieces of paper out of a hat and whatever they picked they had to turn into a commercial trying to sell the product they picked from the hat. Big E had Jelly Donuts.

How this never got more play in the wrestling media beyond me. This exists. It can never go away. It will forever be burned into my brain. It will forever be burned into your brain. You are welcome.

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