Samoa Joe Takes Exception to CM Punk Chants!

Before I started writing this article, I believed I could not love Samoa Joe any more than I already do. Fortunately, I was wrong again, since Samoa Joe seems to dislike those stupid CM Punk chants as much as I do. Here’s the story!

What Happened?

Monday Night Raw on the 6th of November in Manchester was an amazing event, but that did not stop some of my fellow countrymen and women using that annoying chant. Even during an outstanding match between Finn Balor and Samoa Joe! When Joe heard the CM Punk chant, he appeared genuinely annoyed and pulled a face in the direction of the fans in question, which I’m sure they won’t forget anytime soon. All I can say about this: they deserve it!

Where Do Those Pesky CM Punk Chants Come From?


Most people already know where the chant comes from, but if you only came into wrestling recently, here’s the skinny on the situation.

Since the CM Punk chant has a long history, here is the short version. CM Punk was one of the most popular wrestlers on the roster but often felt like he was pushed aside for John Cena. Even though he deemed himself to be the best worker on the roster, Cena would always be the center of attention. Things eventually came to ahead, with Punk dropping a pipebomb at Cena’s direction. He would later leave the company and get his walking papers from the WWE on his wedding day. Yes, this is short version! Trust me!

So, whenever the fans are unhappy with the show, the CM Punk chants are used to voice their displeasure. Unfortunately, the CM Punk chant used on Monday Night Raw was quite unjustified.

What Do I Think of the CM Punk Chants?

Honestly, it is the ultimate sign of disrespect to wrestlers in the ring. Some might deserve it, let’s say if they clearly show they have no interest in doing the match or have zero passion (Brock Lesnar). However, more often than not, the chant is used during some amazing matches. My advice to unfounded CM Punk chants? Grow up! Don’t like a match? Grab a snack and let the rest of us who do want to watch and enjoy it do just that.

What is your take on the CM Punk chants during the Samoa Joe vs. Finn Balor match? Let us know in the comment section below!