Report: WWE Interested In Bringing Back Kaitlyn

The WWE women’s division is pretty stacked at the moment, but according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (via 411 Mania) there is some internal interest in bringing back former WWE Divas Champion, Kaitlyn.

Speculation about a return for the former champion first sparked last week when Celeste Bonin – Kaitlyn’s real name – posted on Instagram that she’d stepped inside a wrestling ring for the first time in four years:

While Bonin is certainly a fitness buff, wrestling isn’t exactly something you just decide to do for a one-off workout one day.

Adding to the intrigue, Bonin has been apparently training inside a ring for the last few weeks.

Furthermore, if you follow Bonin on social media you know that she’s currently at a crossroads in her life; if she seriously wants to make an in-ring return, now would be an opportune time to do so.

Nasty Divorce

After leaving WWE in 2014, Bonin married fellow bodybuilder PJ Braun and started her own fitness clothing company, Celestial Bodiez. However, in a since-deleted Instagram video from February, Bonin revealed that she and Braun had separated and that Braun had taken control of the domain name for the Celestial Bodiez website, effectively holding the money from her online sales hostage.

Bonin has since taken back control of her company’s website, and she and Braun both seem to be moving forward with their lives. But divorce is never an easy thing to deal with, and if Bonin is looking to make a change in her life one way to do that could be to return to WWE.

Where Would She Fit In WWE Today?

If Kaitlyn were to return to WWE, however, it might be hard finding a spot for her in the women’s division.

Compared to many of the other women on WWE’s roster, Kaitlyn is pretty inexperienced. She signed a developmental contract in 2010 with zero pro wrestling experience, and she was gone from the company by 2014. Additionally, she had the dubious honor of wrestling in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter’s Worst Worked Match of the Year in 2010, against Maxine on the original iteration of NXT.

All that being said, if Kaitlyn were to return it would benefit her to start off in NXT. The WWE women’s division is completely different than it was during her run with the company, and her skills undoubtedly aren’t up to snuff for a spot on the main roster. Furthermore, there’s a lot more room on the NXT women’s roster than there is on Raw or SmackDown, especially now that Asuka’s moving up.

Kaitlyn was definitely popular with fans – she wouldn’t have won season 3 of NXT if she wasn’t – and I think she has something to offer WWE so long as she can prove herself in the ring. So while I’m not jumping up and down cheering her potential return, I’m certainly not opposed to it, either.

What do you think of a potential Kaitlyn return? Do you think she could hang with the women in today’s NXT and WWE? Share your thoughts and comments below!

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