Paige Launches YouTube Channel, Announces Merchandise Line

WWE Superstar Paige is making the most of her highly anticipated return by launching an official YouTube channel, “Glampire Diaries.”

Paige first announced the creation of the channel on her Instagram story earlier this week. On Monday, she uploaded an intro video to YouTube explaining the channel’s concept as a “reality behind-the-scenes thing” that will cover “makeup, like what kind of lipsticks I like to wear,” and clothing. She also said that the channel will feature interviews “with people, with musicians, wrestlers, any kind of celebrities you can think of, actors, actresses, everyone.”

Additionally, she announced that she’s planning to launch a merchandise line. Watch the video below:

As she explains in the video, Paige isn’t embarking on this new venture alone. Joining her are Zahra Schreiber and Milena Roucka, a.k.a. Rosa Mendes.

Schreiber is a former NXT developmental talent who was infamously released after Nazi imagery was uncovered on her Instagram account. She also had an affair with Seth Rollins, which prompted Rollins’s fiancee at the time to post nude photos of them both on social media.

Roucka is a former WWE Diva and ex-cast member of “Total Divas.” On the show, she and Paige were portrayed as best friends. Her husband, Bobby Schubenski, owns a clothing line, Black Craft Cult, with which Paige was previously affiliated.

What Does This Mean For Paige?

While I’m glad to see that Paige is getting her life back on track (has anyone seen her post anything about Alberto El Patron in a while?), I’m not sure what this YouTube channel means for her in-ring career. With the exception of Xavier Woods, most wrestlers who launched YouTube channels only did it because they weren’t being used and needed something to fill their time (see: Zack Ryder, Emma).

Furthermore, the announcement of the merchandise line makes me a little worried that Paige is going the way of the Bellas and Eva Marie and wants to focus on something other than wrestling. It’d be a shame, considering how talented she is. Or perhaps that pesky neck injury is more serious than she’s been letting on?

Whatever the case, I’m happy for Paige that she seems to be in a healthier place. Hopefully, it won’t be too long before she makes her return to the ring.

Will you follow Paige’s YouTube channel? Do you think it’s a good or bad move for her career? Share your thoughts and comments below!