Matt Hardy’s Tweet With Huge Implications!

Even though it has been a little quieter for the Hardy Boyz since Jeff Hardy suffered an injury, Matt Hardy always manages to keep the team in the media. On the 15th of November 2017, Matt Hardy released a tweet that could have massive implications for the Hardyz WWE personas. Here is the story!

What Did Matt Hardy Tweet?

What Do You Think It Means?

Many people believe that the Tweet refers to the acquisition of the Broken gimmick, which was hugely successful for the Hardy Boyz at their former promotion Impact Wrestling.

We must mention that Matt Hardy has hinted before that the gimmick was acquired, only to be denied by Impact Wrestling later. Still, I personally hope that he has the gimmick now because I can’t wait to see the Broken Hardyz on WWE television!

Do You Think He Acquired the Gimmick?

Matt & Jeff Hardy

No official statements have been made by Impact Wrestling regarding the acquisition of the gimmick by Matt Hardy. While we wait for a response from the indie promotion, we can only speculate at this point.

Nevertheless, I am hopeful that the gimmick has been released by Impact Wrestling. Most of the problems with the gimmick acquisition seemed to stem from Jeff Jarrett, who has left the company and is therefore no longer a part of the conversation. Impact Wrestling also moved its base to Canada, so they might be less reluctant to give up the rights to the Broken Gimmick. Time will tell!

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