Legendary Referee And TNA Hall of Famer Earl Hebner Departs

Impact appears to be clearing out. At least 5 members of the roster have left in the last few weeks including Rockstar Spud. But now a non-wrestling talent has departed Impact. Though you’ve seen him in the ring countless times. Earl Hebner, probably the most famous referee in wrestling history, has reportedly departed Impact wrestling after being there for over 11 years. Impact even placed Hebner into their Hall of Fame in 2015. Hebner’s son, who also worked for Impact as a ref, was recently let go as well.

Here’s more on Earl Hebner’s departure vis ProWrestlingSheet.

Sources tell us Hebner left the company this week and it was due to Impact informing the referees that they’d be using local refs while in Canada for Bound For Glory/the tapings that follow.

The past week has seen an exodus of referees from Impact. First Brian Hebner was granted his release, then Brian Stiffler made his exit from the company.

Earl Hebner’s Legendary Career

Before coming to Impact, Hebner was the main event referee for WWF/E from 1988-2005. Hebner officiating dozens of legendary matches, including the Montreal Screwjob and a strange storyline involving his twin brother and fellow WWF employee Dave. Hebner’s participation in the Montreal Screwjob made him a heel to Canadian fans and they continued to boo him during subsequent appearances. Hebner also spearheaded the worked “Refs Strike.” He also feuded with WCW referee Nick Patrick during the “Invasion” angle, even having a match against Patrick at WWF Invasion.

Who knows what is next for him? He’s in his late 60s and still seems to referee often. I suspect he’ll end up doing shows on the indies. As for returning to WWE, I wouldn’t count on it. WWE fired Hebner for illegally selling WWE merchandise through a sporting goods store he owned in St. Louis.

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