Khabib Nurmagomedov Calls on UFC to “Humble” Conor McGregor

Khabib Nurmagomedov isn’t about to blast Conor McGregor for jumping into the cage to congratulate his buddy, but he does think it’s time for the UFC to put the lightweight star in check.

Since McGregor’s well documented incident with officials at Bellator 187, many figures and fighters throughout MMA have been asked to weigh-in on his actions at the Dublin event. Recently Nurmagomedov was a guest on the Talk and Talker podcast, and not surprisingly, the undefeated fighter was asked for his thoughts on what transpired.

Here is some of what Nurmagomedov had to say (quotes via MMA

“My very good friend fought for a big organization in Europe at 57 kgs, 125 [pounds]. When he win, I do same s**t. I come inside and I hold him because I’m very happy. I’m jumping on the cage, I come inside. A lot of people come inside, my friends, my teammates, because we’re very happy but when referee tells me, ‘Hey, you guys have to go out,’ I don’t try to fight with him because I know referee is not professional fighter, he’s referee. I have to respect rules. But I go crazy a little bit after I understand, ‘Hey, this is not good. I have to stop this,’ and I try to tell my friends, my teammates that we have to go out…”

“Yes, it’s okay, but not all the time. He does this all the time. In Ultimate Fighter show, in Bellator show, I don’t understand why he can do but other guys cannot do. Because he’s Conor McGregor? He cannot do this. The UFC has to make him humble a little bit because other guys say, ‘Oh, Conor do this? He can do this but why I not?’ This is why sometimes you have to follow rules when you’re a big name, because a lot of people are watching you…”

Yes, getting super pumped over your friend and teammate’s win is one thing, but, getting riled up and having exchanges with officials is certainly another. Nurmagomedov isn’t the only person who’s argued that the UFC should discipline McGregor, as a means to set a standard. But so far, nothing official has been announced.

It should be noted that McGregor apologized for his actions at the event, but, the champion also criticized the bout’s official, Marc Goddard, while doing so.

Nurmagomedov is currently booked to fight Edson Barboza at UFC 219, December 30th.