Kane Is About To Reach A MASSIVE Career Milestone!

Wrestlers who been around a long time tend to hit some milestones along the way. One of the wrestlers who is about to hit his milestone is Kane since he is about to have his 1000th match! To celebrate this momentous occasion, we will take a closer look at some of Kane’s most memorable in-ring bouts. Congratulations!

Facing Off Against His Brother At WrestleMania 14

The first memorable match is a no-brainer, because who does not remember the legendary face-off between Kane and the Undertaker at WrestleMania 14. Taking on his brother the Undertaker, the demon put on an exquisite match, which made it seem like the Undertaker was in trouble several times. This was one of the first in history, which certainly makes it one of the most memorable matches.

The Red Machine Destroys Everyone at the 2001 Royal Rumble

This is one of my personal favorites, Kane at the 2001 Royal Rumble. Until this day, Kane is considered as one of the most dominant people in the Royal Rumble because of this match, since he eliminated a whopping 11 wrestlers in 53 minutes; this included the Rock!

Kane Beats Stone Cold Steve Austin at King of the Ring 1998!

Kane beating Stone Cold Steve Austin is one of those matches that should have been higher on the list. Unfortunately, poor Kane only held the title for 24 hours. Still, that does not take away from the spectacular match he put on with Stone Cold.

Kane Takes on Triple H on Judgement Day

At Judgement Day in 2001, Kane took on the Game in a chain match. Kane would eventually win the match and obtain his first Intercontinental Championship. This win also solidified him as a Triple Crown Champion and Grand Slam Champion.

Taking On The McMahon Family

The Red Machine has clashed with the McMahon family many times, usually as a result from a rivalry with Triple H. The match between Kane and Shane McMahon also came after Triple H and Evolution forced him to unmask, leading to the Red Monster going on a rampage and giving Linda McMahon a tombstone on the steel ramp. Of course, Shane would then defend his mum’s honor in a match at Unforgiven 2003. This was also the match where Shane jumped off the Titantron!

Winning The World Heavyweight Title from Rey Mysterio

At Money in the Bank 2010, the giant monster took on everyone’s favorite Luchador Rey Mysterio. Even though a lot of people might not remember this match, it is one of my personal favorites.

Why would you love a match that only lasted 54 seconds you may ask? Well, because this is the match where The Big Red Machine becomes World Heavyweight Champion again after waiting for ten years! Shame he had to beat my favorite wrestler to do it though.

How Many Matches Does He Have Left?

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That is the million dollar question because there have been rumblings about The Devil’s Favorite Demon possibly retiring soon. Of course, such rumors are common for wrestlers who are considered veterans. If I have anything to do with it, I would have Kane around for a long time to come!

What is your favorite match? Let us know in the comment section below.