Emma Books Two Massive Independent Wrestling Dates

Earlier this month, WWE released Emma (real name Tenille Dashwood) from her contract. It was puzzling considering Emma was recently pushed and had two decent matches against undefeated megastar Asuka. People wondered if the Australian wrestler would be able to land on her feet in an increasingly popular but saturated independent wrestling scene.Don’t worry, Emmaniacs, the dancing “real” creator of the Women’s Revolution has TWO huge dates announced to kick off her run on the independent circuit.

Tenille, as she is now going by, will face-off against former TNA Knockouts champion Angelina Love in the MAIN EVENT for major east coast promotion WrestlePro

Adding to this, Dashwood booked an event with AIW, a Cleveland-based promotion known for bringing in unique wrestling stars to compete along-side their home-grown talent. On a personal note, AIW is my favorite independent wrestling promotion in the US and I have traveled to Cleveland twice to watch events. Not only will she be on the show, the show is named after her!

This is pretty great. Emma is taking full advantage of her WWE stardom. As well she should. Women’s independent wrestling, like all independent wrestling, is at its zenith. There’s a lot of opportunities here and abroad for talent.

Who I would like to see Tenille Dashwood face:

There are a few big indie names that Dashwood would have a great match with.

Toni Storm

Toni Storm

A fellow Aussie. She went deep in the Mae Young Classic and is a mega-star for Stardom in Japan. She’s also a bit quirky in and out of the ring.

Leva Bates

Aka “Blue Pants” could be a fun comedy match from the two former NXT stars.

Will you go see Tenille Dashwood on the indies? Share your thoughts in the comments below.