Did Matt Hardy Finally “Break” On Raw?

Months of teasing have left many fans wondering if Matt Hardy will become the “broken” character that revitalized his career and made him a cult favorite in the wrestling world once again. With WWE and the Hardys battling against Impact wrestling over the copyright of the “Broken” Hardy gimmick, it seemed like we were destined to only vague hints of DELETION. But, on the November 28th episode of Raw, Matt wrestled a newly demented and wild-eyed Bray Wyatt. The Eater of Worlds defeated the tag-team legend, leaving Hardy sitting despondently in a corner. Then…something bizarre happened.

Here’s how WWE.com described it.

As for Hardy, his gutsy effort against the former WWE Champion ended in a missed moonsault and a Sister Abigail. But his evening concluded on a far more ominous note, as he slumped over in the corner, slashed his fist through the air and screamed “Delete!” over and over again long after Wyatt had left the ring.

Matt took to social media afterward, and we saw a lot of brokenness.

Is Broken Matt Hardy back?

It sure looks like it. However, we have been faked out before. There are rumors that Anthem Sports (Impact’s owner) is no-longer defending their copyright claim over the character. Meaning that after 8 months of teasing and anticipating, we finally have the BROKEN Hardy. DELIGHTFUL! Though there is still reason to be cautious. What made the Broken Universe work was the Hardys being allowed to do their own weird events and storylines. While I don’t expect WWE to allow the Hardys to film two whole episodes of TV on the family compound, it would be nice to see some of the innovation and ridiculousness we saw in Impact. Fireworks, Lakes of Reincarnation, Baby King Maxel. Please!

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